Whipped Foaming Lemon Scrub
Whipped Foaming Lemon Scrub
Gloomier Skincare LLC

Whipped Foaming Lemon Scrub

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Our luxury whipped sugar scrubs are made with a high percentage of Organic Hemp Oil and Jojoba oil to maximize its nourishing effects on the skin. They make a wonderful gentle cleanser while exfoliating by removing dead skin cells leaving the skin soft, noticeably brighter, smooth and definitely glowing.

Is packed with amino and fatty acids which helps hydrate and soothe the skin.
Contains nourishing vitamins and moisturizing qualities without clogging your pores.
Cold-Pressed from hemp seeds & does not contain THC

■ SCENT: Juicy lemon with hints of citrus and sweet clementine. It's a summery, fresh and rich sweet lemon smell. Very yummy!

HOW TO USE: Apply to wet skin then rub in circular motion until luxuriously creamy then rinse.

■ WARNING(s): This product is for EXTERNAL USE only. Use caution as tub or shower may become slippery. Do not allow water inside container. Please test sugar scrub on a small area of wet skin. Stop using and consult a physician should irritation occur.

100% Organic Ingredients  Cruelty Free  Vegan.